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At Sanmar, CSR is not viewed as a mere statutory compliance, but as a vehicle of our moral responsibility.
Reflecting this philosophy in every facet, be it corporate governance, transparency or ethics, we at Sanmar display a holistic view of a robust CSR program. At the same time, we consciously focus on the one aspect that is the most relevant to our business arena: conservation of our fragile and vulnerable environment. Recognising the significant impact that real estate development has on our ecosystem, we direct all our skills and efforts towards eco-friendly property development.

Our CSR vision is to be known as an entity that truly cares for environmental sustainability and has left an indelible stamp in the creation of a cleaner, greener and better Bangladesh.




Sanmar has planted more than 500,000 trees for a greener Bangladesh. In addition to its conscious efforts to create eco-friendly construction with an abundance of greenery and landscaping, Sanmar has always undertaken specific projects which add to our rapidly depleting green cover.


Leveraging Technology :

As an organisation, Sanmar has always upheld and believed that technology is the future.
Exemplifying this, the company employs state of the art technology to help reverse the impact of global climate change.
Sanmar employs the following technologies to carve out a better environment:

Spreading awareness:

Environment consciousness stems from responsible communication, we at Sanmar abide by this very axiom – conservation of water, electricity and gas. Hence, this forms the backbone of Sanmar’s awareness campaign through corporate billboards in and around Chattogram. In addition, there is an on-going commitment to nurture and enhance the greenery and natural beauty of both Dhaka and Chatotgram’s landscape.

A major step in Sanmar’s efforts towards spreading awareness and emerging as a thought leader in the industry is the publication of KARIKA, a monthly newsletter which aims to:


Umbrelă is a non-profit, non-political, voluntary and charitable organisation that aims to help destitute women and abandoned children from dangerous, at-risk situations in Bangladesh. The foundation seeks to meet the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of these women and children who are unloved and uncared for.

Umbrelă is founded on the promise of lending a sincere hand by providing safe shelter, food and nutrition, clothing, clean water, ensuring health and hygiene, vocational training, psychological counselling and protecting our women and children from abusive environments. 

Sanmar is a proud corporate partner of Umbrelă Foundation.

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Children’s Center :

The future of the planet lies in the hands of our children. Sanmar is also providing safe and secure residential facility for destitute children at Comilla. Currently providing a caring and warm shelter to over 300 children, Sanmar manages their food, medical & educational needs.

Future readiness:

Taking sustainability one step forward is our initiative to monitor indoor living eciency in terms of current residents’ resource consumption (gas, heat, water & electricity). By 2020, we hope to templatise the use of more technology in our constructions to increase the conservation eciency of indoor living whilst making it a part of all our future design specications. Thus, not only will we be able to deliver more energy ecient constructions, but also signicantly reduce the environmental footprint across all of our construction sites. This in concert with our drive to reduce paper and travel, focus on health and safety of stakeholders will truly round o a well-balanced and impactful CSR program.


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